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Organizations change. Staff qualities and skills do not always match the new direction an organization might want to take. In such cases looking for a training solution is the obvious step to take.

BiZ Consult takes on large projects, the regular implementation and updating of training projects, and we provide interim (management) support to the HRD department of organizations. Our expertise is evident in our creative (draft) designs, clever constructions and integrated solutions. Our solutions work because we know what we are doing, we are both realistic and creative, and we focus on innovative ideas.

We establish a link between people's needs and your organization's goals.

BiZ Consult helps you to keep an eye on the structural development of individuals as well as your entire organization. This results in an optimum efficiency rate of the training budget and a boost to your distinctive presence in the market!

BiZ Consult usually works for knowledge-intensive medium-sized and large organizations, not limited to certain lines of business or sectors. BiZ Consult has more than 20 years of in-depth experience in the development/professionalization of organizations.

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